“Accuse of stealing towels.” Hotel employees talk about arrogant guests

It's no secret that sometimes hotel guests behave arrogantly towards the staff. But both workers and hoteliers have come up with unusual ways to take revenge on unwanted guests.

AiF.ru has collected frank confessions of hoteliers who have found justice for overstepping tourists.

“ Entrance locks are breaking ''

Not so long ago, a former employee of the hotel Jacob Tomsky named ways of revenge on rude guests. The Sun listed, for example, the following: creating problems with access to rooms, stealing drinks from vacationers' minibars, and spoiling their toothbrushes. At the same time, according to Tomsky, wealthy tourists often become objects of revenge: it is they who allow themselves a disdainful attitude towards the staff, not counting the concierges and maids for the people.

'Mstislavovna, your way out'

The severe Chelyabinsk owner of the mini-hotel Nikolai says damage to toothbrushes is a thing of the past. Earlier, a hundred years ago, he heard stories about how a maid could brush an unwanted guest's toilet bowl and put it back into a glass. However, now toothbrushes are given out daily, and this method has outlived its usefulness.

“ Our revenge, Chelyabinsk, is definitely the most sophisticated, & mdash; the man laughs. & mdash; I take revenge on Mstislavovna. Our hotel is small, family-run, there are no outside employees. Therefore, if a person behaves in a boorish way, deliberately crap or & bdquo; pokes & ldquo; girls, we call Mstislavovna. Several years ago we were looking for my right hand & mdash; assistant. I was advised to Evgeniya Mstislavovna … When she came for the interview, I almost went crazy. This is a person from that series of people with whom it is impossible to talk. She answers questions with such turns of speech that you feel like some kind of sucker. At the same time, he nods his head sympathetically. I left her on probation, reluctantly. However, Zhenya knows a lot about communication. Now all the & bdquo; splinters & ldquo; pass through it. Mstislavovna keeps a record of guests, and also communicates with the most difficult of them. I tiptoe out of the front desk as she steps in. The soul rejoices: Evgenia will give the heat. First, the client pours out his thoughts to her about the alleged inconvenience, then she begins to carry such nonsense that a person's eyes go to his forehead. As a child, we had this phrase at school: “From our point of view of banal erudition, we cannot ignore the tendencies of your emotions.” Mstislavovna speaks about the same sets of phrases. Naturally, the person begins to demand a manager. & bdquo; This is me! & ldquo; & mdash; says Zhenya. As a result, the enraged guest still does not receive an answer to his question why he was moved again when cleaning two heavy beds, although yesterday he wrestled half a day, pushing them apart. After all, he came with a friend, not with his wife. Maybe that's why they moved in spite of the fact that it was not worth sleeping on these beds in shoes? ''

'I accuse of stealing towels'

The owner of the guest house in Krasnodar Armen he secretly tells other tricks of the staff and himself in relation to over-premised guests: “ If a person 'pranks', he teaches the cook to cook, and the maid to clean up' mdash; consider him to be rich. The most interesting thing & mdash; such tourists swear, they are always unhappy with everything, and next season they book our hotel again. But we do not tolerate this, so we add them to our blacklist. When this comrade calls and begins to find out why they do not confirm the reservation, I say: “Last time we didn’t have enough towels in your room”. What begins here! Such a hysteria, such a shout! And I say so calmly, why don't you, we don't ask you for their cost. Just blacklisted. I can’t say that you, ugly fellow, haven’t learned to flush after yourself, or what? And he thumped like a company of drunks that broke the bottles on the carpet. Why did you smoke in the toilet? And I didn’t take a fine from you, although I promised. ”

“Nothing ever works for them”

The owner of a suburban guest complex in the Sverdlovsk region Evgeniy reveals a couple more ways to put an overly arrogant tourist in his place. For those who are rude to the staff and behave indecently, “nothing ever works”: “We have a mini-zoo, a sauna, a bathhouse, but only for good people. If a vacationer initially treats us like a boss, no benefits are available to him. We do not give a mini-pool key card, we say that animals are & bdquo; not season & ldquo;. So it's better to shove your ambitions to hell and smile at those who provide you with comfort away from home. ''

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