The voice of the human mind. Interesting facts about Stephen Hawking

80 & nbsp; years ago, 8 & nbsp; January 1942 & nbsp; year, was born Stephen William Hawking , one of the & nbsp; most influential and & nbsp; known to the general public of theoretical physicists of our time. & nbsp; recalls the most interesting facts from the & nbsp; biography of the scientist.

Lived 55 & nbsp; years instead of the promised two with & nbsp; half

“ The prospect of dying early made me realize that life is worth living & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; pronounced in & nbsp; youth Stephen Hawking. He was not & nbsp; and & nbsp; 20 years old when unpleasant symptoms began to appear: clumsiness, muscle weakness, difficulty with & nbsp; speech and & nbsp; swallowing. At & nbsp; 21 & nbsp; year he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This is a very rare and & nbsp; incurable disease that affects motor neurons, it leads to & nbsp; paralysis and & nbsp; subsequent muscle atrophy. A person dies, as a rule, due to the fact that his respiratory muscles fail.

Doctors gave Hawking only 2.5 years of life. But & nbsp; instead of them, he & nbsp; lived 55 & nbsp; years. The disease did not progress very quickly: at first the scientist used crutches, and he only sat on a wheelchair in the & nbsp; late 1960s. With & nbsp; this stroller has its own funny stories. They say that once, at a social event, he ran over the leg of Prince Charles. He allegedly became interested in the device and & nbsp; capabilities of this technical means, and & nbsp; the physicist, starting to circle around the prince, rode on & nbsp; his leg. And & nbsp; he also & nbsp; loved to dance, sitting in a wheelchair.

Despite & nbsp; incurable illness and & nbsp; physical disabilities, Stephen Hawking led an active life and & nbsp; even earned a reputation as a rebel. He & nbsp; was married twice (his first marriage had three children), took part in the & nbsp; march against the war in & nbsp; Vietnam, opened the 2012 Paralympic Games and & nbsp; dreamed of being in & nbsp; space (about & nbsp; this will be discussed later).

< p> “ The human race is so insignificant in & nbsp; compared to & nbsp; the Universe, that disability is not & nbsp; of great cosmic significance & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; the scientist spoke, demonstrating a philosophical attitude to & nbsp; life.

“ Maybe we & nbsp; just didn't & nbsp; notice the aliens? ''

The famous physicist, in addition to scientific achievements, became famous for not very optimistic forecasts. So, in & nbsp; 2017 & nbsp; year, speaking at the & nbsp; Tencent WE & nbsp; Summit in & nbsp; Beijing, he & nbsp; said that humanity could disappear by & nbsp; 2600 & nbsp; year. The catastrophe, according to & nbsp; his opinion, should occur due to the overpopulation of the Earth and & nbsp; increase in energy consumption, and & nbsp; the planet itself will turn into & nbsp; “ a blazing fireball. ''

Hawking suggested that & nbsp; mankind will have a chance to escape: for this it is necessary to find a planet suitable for life and & nbsp; gradually prepare for & nbsp; resettlement there. He suggested looking for a new home for our civilization in the & nbsp; closest to the & nbsp; star system Alpha Centauri: there, according to & nbsp; he said, the planet we need may be.

By the & nbsp; word, Stephen Hawking believed in the & nbsp; existence of aliens. “ If our calculations about & nbsp; the appearance of life on & nbsp; Earth are correct, somewhere there must be & nbsp; other stars with & nbsp; inhabited planets, & nbsp; & mdash; he wrote & nbsp; in & nbsp; book & bdquo; Brief Answers to & nbsp; Big Questions & ldquo;. & mdash; & nbsp; Some planetary systems could have formed & nbsp; 5 & nbsp; billion years earlier than Earth. So why & nbsp; have no guests come to & nbsp; yet? Or maybe we & nbsp; didn’t & nbsp; just not & nbsp; ”

At the same time, the scientist warned that we'd better avoid contact with aliens. A technically advanced and superior life form & nbsp; & nbsp; can plunder us and & nbsp; suck resources from our planet. He & nbsp; compared this situation with the & nbsp; discovery of America, which turned into genocide and & nbsp; for its indigenous population.

Another worrying prediction was about artificial intelligence. Hawking equated it with a & nbsp; powerful weapon, and urged to consider computer viruses as a new form of life. According to & nbsp; his opinion, artificial intelligence can play a crucial role in & nbsp; the fate of humanity on & nbsp; Earth, however & nbsp; less the emergence of super-powerful & nbsp; AI can become & nbsp; the last event in & nbsp; our history, if we & nbsp; do not & nbsp; think through all the risks properly.

“ In the & nbsp; future, artificial intelligence can develop its own will, which is & nbsp; in conflict with & nbsp; our, & nbsp; & mdash; reasoned Hawking. & mdash; & nbsp; When he & nbsp; will be able to improve himself without human help, his abilities will surpass ours approximately as & nbsp; as now the human intelligence surpasses the intelligence of a snail, and & nbsp; even more. Therefore, we need to be confident that the goals of the computers are the same as & nbsp; ours.

We should not be afraid of & nbsp; AI's malice, but & nbsp; its competence. Superhuman intelligence will be able to achieve super goals, and if they differ from & nbsp; ours, we will have a hard time. It is not necessary to be an ant-hater to destroy an anthill: it is enough to flood the anthill with a stream of water from the nearest environmentally friendly production. We & nbsp; do not & nbsp; want humanity to perish as & nbsp; as the population of these unfortunate insects? ''

25 & nbsp; seconds of zero gravity

In & nbsp; 2006, Stephen Hawking admitted in an & nbsp; interview that one of & nbsp; his greatest desires was to go into space. And & nbsp; this opportunity was provided to him by the company Zero Gravity. In & nbsp; space, the scientist, however, did not fly, but & nbsp; went to & nbsp; weightlessness.

On April 26, 2007, he was put on & nbsp; board of a Boeing specially converted for this purpose, which climbed to & nbsp; ten kilometers height and & nbsp; made a series of dives along a & nbsp; parabolic trajectory. At an & nbsp; height of 7 & nbsp; kilometers Hawking was removed from the wheelchair and & nbsp; laid on the & nbsp; floor. The salon was upholstered with soft panels. During the & nbsp; time of the plane's dives, Stephen and & nbsp; the nurses and & nbsp; next to him & nbsp; doctors for & nbsp; 25 & nbsp; seconds were in & nbsp; a state of weightlessness, and & nbsp; the physicist was even able to perform a gymnastic somersault. “ It was wonderful, I could & nbsp; repeat this experience over and over again & nbsp; & nbsp; & mdash; he said & nbsp; on & nbsp; returning to & nbsp; Earth.

During the & nbsp; course of the flight, sensors were attached to his body, measuring blood pressure, pulse and & nbsp; the level of oxygen saturation of the blood. And & nbsp; since his muscles practically did not & nbsp; work (at that moment he lived with ALS for 44 & nbsp; years), the scientist's head was secured with a special collar. As a result, Hawking safely transferred the flight and & nbsp; became the first disabled person to experience a state of zero gravity.

Stephen Hawking died on March 14 & nbsp; at & nbsp; age 76 & nbsp; years. After the funeral in & nbsp; Westminster Abbey (an urn with & nbsp; his ashes was buried next to the graves of Isaac Newton and & nbsp; Charles Darwin ) the transmitter of the European Space Agency sent to the & nbspA side of the black hole 1 ; 0620-00 & nbsp; signal containing Hawking's voice in & nbsp; musical accompaniment. “This symbolic gesture creates a connection between my father’s presence on & nbsp; our planet, his desire to fly into space and & nbsp; exploring the Universe”, & nbsp; & mdash; said the daughter of the legendary physicist.

So if humanity and & nbsp; disappear by & nbsp; 2600 & nbsp; year, the voice of his mind will still sound somewhere in the & nbsp; depths of the Universe.


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