The tabloid reported on the collision of a Russian submarine and a British frigate

The Sun: Russian submarine and British Navy frigate collided in 2020 The incident occurred at the end of 2020. The Russian submarine touched the sonar cable of the British frigate, which was tracking its location. After that, the ship's equipment needed repairs

British Navy frigate Northumberland

A Russian submarine and a British naval frigate collided 200 miles north of Scotland in 2020, The Sun tabloid, citing sources. mission and return to port for repairs after the sub has touched the sonar cable.

According to a source from The Sun, the sonar was badly damaged and unusable. Another interlocutor of the publication noted that the Russian submarine, most likely, was also damaged.

A representative of the Ministry of Defense said that at the end of 2020, the Russian submarine “ contacted ''; with the sonar system of the Northumberland frigate, which tracked its location. “ The Royal Navy regularly monitors foreign ships and submarines to ensure the protection of the United Kingdom '', & mdash; he added.

In early October, the American submarine Connecticut collided with an unidentified object in the South China Sea. The nuclear power plant was not damaged during the impact, and the interior remained intact.

In this case, 11 crew members were injured during the collision. None of the injuries posed a threat to life, two sailors received moderate injuries.

Later investigation showed that the submarine collided with an uncharted seamount in international waters.

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