Princes and beggars. Is it true that the children of the rich are smarter than their poor peers?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 29/12/2021

Children from & nbsp; wealthy families study better, have a higher & nbsp; IQ, research says. So, if you were & nbsp; born into a poor family, you are doomed to be less educated?

However, in & nbsp; life, everything is much more complicated. Yes, material security and the & nbsp; position of parents provide more opportunities for getting a better education. And & nbsp; children from & nbsp; wealthy families often have better academic performance. This was confirmed, for example, by studies carried out by employees of the Higher School of Economics. Even the level of the school has less influence on the & nbsp; grades than the socioeconomic status of the parents. There are similar studies and & nbsp; in the & nbsp; world.

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